Our Capabilities

Reaction Capabilities

The facility is equipped to handle complex manufacturing processes and chemical reactions at the highest safety standards.


Metal Hydride Reactions

Condensations and Hydrolysis Reactions

Cyclisation Reactions

Oxidation and Reduction Reaction

Ethylation Reactions

Normal and Vaccum Distillations

Systematic and documented environmental procedure

All employees and staff are trained and environmental controls and procedure are well documented through manuals and implemented throughout the facility. Periodic checks are conducted to ensure adherence to the highest environmental standards.

Reduction in Effluents through By-Product Recovery

We upcycle all industrial byproducts and eliminate wastefulness throughout the product lifecycle.

Reduction in Emissions, Particulate Matter

We minimize emissions in our facility by implementing necessary safeguards to create a safe working environment.

Efficient Water Management

We have high-grade wastewater treatment processes in place to minimize our effluent discharge and minimize water wastage.

Ambient Air Monitoring

We maintain a carefully controlled environment and high-quality equipment is in place to regularly test for the presence of air contaminants, which may include a wide range of environmental pollutants.

Effluent Treatment

We have multi-effect evaporator system & ATFD treatment plants in place to minimize pollutants in wastewater. Any and all effluents are disposed of in a safe and ethical manner.